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The LGBTQ AF Story

LGBTQ AF was created by four friends who are all proud members of the LGBTQ/Ally community. We put our heads together to come up with fresh, new designs to help spread the love and spread the pride of the LGBTQ+ message.  We actively participate in local LGBTQ+ positive events, and donate a portion of our proceeds to worthwhile charities. Our goal is to not only offer the most fashionable Pride Lifestyle products, but also create a safe space community for ALL!

Here's What Everyone Is Loving

It's not just us that love LGBTQ AF


The bracelets are very good quality and I really love how they feel! I highly recommend buying these! :)


All of the products I received from LGBTQ AF were so cool!  Great quality.  Quick Shipping.  I will definitely be buying more from this store.


I ordered the razor blade necklace and the Love necklace from the store.  I got them quickly and they were absolutely perfect.  I can't wait to get more stuff!

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