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What is the Difference Between Pangender and Pansexual?

What is the Difference Between Pangender and Pansexual?

What is Pangender?

A person who identifies as a pangender has an identity that is not limited to just one gender. We all know the basic two: male and female, but did you know there are well over fifty different identity genders? Pangender is sort of a “multi-gender” in the sense that there is no maximum limit on the number of genders to which a person can identify. It can also stretch across an entire lifetime. A pangender person may experience gender fluctuation over the course of a lifetime and this may include genders that are not even established yet. 

What is Pansexual? 

Pansexual means that you are attracted to any person of any gender. This doesn’t mean you want just anybody, such as all men are not attracted to all women and vice versa. Simply stated this means you are attracted to someone based on looks, personality, attitude, or anything else you find of interest. Better yet, you are free to love anyone you please simply because you feel like it.

Sigmund Freud popularized the term, pansexual, and used it to describe behavior based on sexual attraction without any specific labels. Even though most behavioral scientists today don’t believe everything has a sexual aspect to it, Freud’s work brought about important questions, and it gave us a word that is widely recognized and helps people better understand.


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